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On December 10, 2015 at approximately 5:12 pm, a traffic collision involving three vehicles occurred on Escalon Bellota Road near Mahon Road. The accident involved two pick-up trucks and one suv-type vehicle.  
  The accident occurred when one of the trucks drifted from its lane into the path of the second truck traveling in the opposite direction causing a head on collision between the two pick-up trucks. The white suv could not avoid colliding with the overturned pick-up truck which had spun around and was directly in its path.
  The driver of the red pick-up truck had to be removed from the vehicle by the jaws of life. One person was transported by ambulance to San Joaquin General Hospital; four other patients were transported by ambulance to Memorial Hospital in Modesto; and two additional patients were transported to Doctors Hospital in Modesto. Injuries ranged from minor to major with some of the victims being children. An air ambulance (Helicopter) was called to transport one of the victims, but was cancelled due to fog.
  The roadway was closed due to excessive fluids. The CHP would not reopen it until more absorbents were obtained. The road was reopened at 7:23pm.
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  1. Hey, I was in the car wreck as one of the children. You might think I’m lying but I’m not, I was eight and my brother was two, my dad had the red pick-up truck. When people get in car crashes sometimes nobody knows the real story because people lie, but i’ll tell the truth… In my perspective I guess. We had just left my friends house and it was foggy so my dad missed the turn to our driveway, which is always hard to get to because the road we were on is on the opposite side of our driveway (Obviously depending on which way we came but we were on the opposite side in this) and my dad tried to turn around when he thought it was safe, but because of the fog he couldn’t see the white pick-up coming, and we collided. It was the most scary part of my life because as soon as he collided it was instant fear for any kid, I screamed, totally forgetting my brother who was also crying and screaming. And then it hit me “we aren’t moving”, we were sideways and I looked around, my brother was crying, my dad passed out, I was crying too. My brother got cut in the head with a piece of glass. It was scary, how would it not be? So once I got my head straight I heard people outside, They were asking if I was okay… If anybody was okay. I said I’d call 911 but they said they already did, a few minutes later they came, one nurse said I had fit perfectly through the hole in the back. I was so scared, I kept saying “Is daddy dead? Is he gone? Is he dead?!” While balling my eyes out. Me and my brother were put into the same ambulance and the paramedic was pretty funny, he said everything was in the ambulance and I asked “Does it have YouTube?” but he said no and I was like “Then it doesn’t have everything” and I was pretty scared asking if the ambulance would crash too.. It was fear talking. I hope people see this and can put something about it, so here is my story about the car crash.


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