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SOURCE:  Modesto Police Department.

On Sunday May 22, 2016, Officers from the Modesto Police Department partnered with the California Highway Patrol and Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department in a coordinated effort to combat illegal street racing, trespassing, and unsafe vehicles operating on the roadway. 
After receiving information from citizens of a potential gathering of several hundred vehicles, officers collaboratively worked together to prevent this event from occurring in the 300 block of Codoni Ave (just east of Modesto). Over a 5 hour time period, officers and deputies stopped 122 vehicles and issued 90 citations. Additionally, 12 vehicles were towed off of our streets for violations ranging from suspended licenses, unsafe driving, unsafe vehicles, and weapons violations. Two people were arrested and booked for various charges. 
Over the past several years there has been an increased presence of these types of unsanctioned events in Modesto and throughout the county. Street racing, drag racing, drifting, and other forms of unpermitted driving create a very dangerous environment for everyone around. We encourage these groups to find legal, permitted, and official locations to show their vehicles. Unsafe vehicles and driving practices will not be tolerated, and those doing these acts will be subject to citations, vehicles being towed and possibly arrested. 
In 2015, there were 2158 collisions in our City. One of the primary collision factors resulting in these collisions was unsafe speed. In August of 2015, the California Highway Patrol investigated a fatal collision on Highway 99 where street racing was suspected. In knowing the dangers these types of events can produce, it is the Modesto Police Department’s Traffic Unit’s mission to promote safety and to reduce the number of collisions through Education, Enforcement, and Engineering. 
We will continue to work with other local agencies and citizens to address this dangerous problem within our city and county. It is a continued focus that we create a safer environment for our citizens and motorists coming to and through our city. The communication and partnership we have with the community and allied agencies is what makes this a “City of Great Neighbors”. 
If anyone has questions regarding this news release please contact Traffic Officer Billy Boyle at

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