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The California Highway Patrol, Escalon Fire, and Escalon Community Ambulance Service responded to a solo vehicle accident on the 16000 block of Sexton Road.  The accident occurred when the driver of the red Plymouth Breeze lost control of the vehicle and struck a power pole.

The vehicle was traveling southbound on Sexton Road when the accident occurred.  By the skid marks left on the roadway, it appeared that the driver had lost control of the vehicle for some unknown reason and spun around before crashing into the power pole.  The force of the impact sheared the power pole off at the base and caused a power outage in the area.

The driver was found unconscious by witnesses.  The victim was stabilized by Escalon Community Ambulance personnel.  The victim suffered minor injuries and was transported to a nearby hospital.

PG&E was notified of the accident and responded to evaluate the damage and do necessary repairs to restore power to the area.

McDowell Tow Service was dispatched to tow the vehicle from the scene of the accident.

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