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Early Morning Vehicle Accidents Have You Seeing Double.

September 15, 2016.

VALLEY HOME, CALIFORNIA — California Highway Patrol investigated two non-injury traffic accidents that occurred early this morning in the same location, just moments apart.

The two solo vehicle accidents were reported about 4:57am this morning on Dodds Road and Steinegul Road.  California Highway Patrol and Farmington Fire responded to the scene.

It was reported that the white GMC pick-up truck was driven by a male and the grey Toyota Corolla was driven by a female with a male passenger. Both vehicles were traveling north on Steinegul Road nearing Dodds Road when the accidents occurred just moments apart.  There were no reported injuries.

Steinegul Road ends at Dodd Road where there is a drainage ditch and a man-made dirt berm.

The driver of the white truck was the first person that failed to stop for the stop sign and ran head-on into the embankment.  Moments later the driver of the truck and some co-workers witnessed the grey Toyota also heading north on Steinegul Road fail to stop for the stop sign.  The driver of the Toyota drove head-on into the embankment just missing the pedestrians and the other vehicle.

It appeared that both vehicles sustained major damage with no damage to property.  Drugs or alcohol didn’t seem to be a factor in this morning’s accidents.

There were some early morning traffic delays in the area due to the accident.  California Highway Patrol along with McDowell and Davis towing services were able to clear the roadway quickly. Traffic soon returned to normal.

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