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Last Night Two Vehicles Crash On Highway 120 At French Camp Road.

Sept 16, 2016 Fri. Approximately 10:16p.m.

RIPON, CALIFORNIA (WeEscalon) – California Highway Patrol, Ripon Fire Department, and Ripon Advance Life Support responded to a call of a major crash Friday night that injured several people.  

The crash happened on Highway 120 at the intersection of French Camp Road. One of the vehicles after impact traveled some distance down the road before crashing right though a fence into a small orchard taking out some fence posts and maybe a small tree or two. The other vehicle remained in the eastbound lane of the intersection.

The accident was reported to have happen when the driver of the Grey Honda Pilot was attempting to turn east onto Highway 120 from French Camp Road. The driver of the Honda was already into his turning movement when he noticed the White Ford Windstar Mini-Van westbound on Highway 120. The vehicles collided at the intersection and the impact caused major damage to both vehicles.

At least two of the victims from the Mini-Van were transported by ambulance to a nearby hospital with what appeared to be minor to moderate injuries. The two adults and one child in the SUV were shaken but, seemed to be unharmed.

The people in the Honda were on the way to one of the local foothill reservoirs to meet up with family and the people in the Mini-Van were commuting home from work.

There were some traffic delays in the area due to the accident and debris in the roadway.  

California Highway Patrol Officers along with Fire Personnel and Tow Services had to spend sometime cleaning up the mess of debris at the accident scene before the roadway was cleared.

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