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Four-Vehicle Accident On Escalon Bellota Road

November 02, 2016 

Escalon, California – Police, Fire and Ambulance Services responded to a four-vehicle accident reported to dispatch by OnStar services. 

The accident was reported about 5:01 p.m. this evening, Escalon Police, Fire and Escalon Community Ambulance responded to a report of an unknown injury accident involving four vehicles on Escalon Bellota Road near Magnolia Road. California Highway Patrol was also dispatched and arrived on scene to take over the accident investigation from Escalon Police Department.

Upon arriving on the scene, emergency personnel found one person laying on the roadside next to the red Toyota pickup with unknown injuries. It was determined that person was not ejected from the vehicle, but had got out of his vehicle on his own. The driver of the Toyota was transported to Doctors Modesto by ambulance.

The driver of the white Chevrolet Cruze was outside of the vehicle and received unknown injuries. The driver of the grey Dodge Aero was outside his vehicle taking pictures of his car and didn’t seem to be injured. The driver of the semi-truck was also moving about and also seemed to be uninjured.

The semi-truck, grey Dodge and red Toyota were stopped for road construction when the driver of the white Chevy Cruze failed to stop for some unknown reason. The driver of the Chevy caused a chain reaction accident by first rear-ending the Toyota which struck the Dodge, and the Dodge hit the rear of the semi-truck.

Escalon Bellota Road was closed to through traffic due to the debris and vehicles in the roadway. Southbound traffic was diverted at Magnolia Road, while eastbound traffic was at a standstill until the roadway was cleared.

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  1. Great report and pictures. Sounds like everyone will be sore but will heal. Prayer for the one in hospital. Thanks for sharing!


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