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School Bus and Small Sedan Involved in this Morning’s Accident on McHenry Avenue 


November 14, 2016 

Escalon, California – The Escalon Police responded to a report of an accident involving a School bus and smaller sedan type vehicle. Upon arriving on scene the police department called for public works to be dispatched for traffic control and hazmat cleanup. There were no students onboard the bus.

The accident was dispatched around 8:08a.m. this morning on McHenry Avenue just south of the intersection at Highway 120. The actual collision occurred on northbound McHenry Avenue right before the railroad crossing. Escalon Police Department is the primary investigating agency in this traffic collision.

It appeared to the officers that both vehicles were traveling northbound on McHenry Avenue when the accident occurred. The School bus driver was slowing or just had completed her stop at the railroad tracks and may have been waiting for traffic to clear in front of her. When the sedan also northbound failed to stop, just missing the rear of the bus and collided with the pole head on. However the rear end quarter panel of the driver’s side of the vehicle did strike the passenger side rear quarter panel of the bus, causing minor damage to the bus and more damage to the car. It was reported that the driver of the small car attempted to avoid hitting the rear of the bus by veering off to the right, but was unable to avoid striking the pole on the right side of the outer lane. There was major damage to the front end and rear of the vehicle and the airbags did deploy. It was unclear if the driver received any injuries from the accident. No one was transported by ambulance.

I am sorry and deeply saddened to report that there was a life lost in the traffic accident. The driver of the car had his small pet dog with him when the accident occurred. The dog did not survive the collision. If you have followed or liked the WeEscalon Facebook page you will see and know by the number of pet posts that we encourage folks to share the found/lost pets in our community and take great pride in reuniting families in our area with their lost pets.

There were some traffic delays on northbound McHenry Avenue because of the vehicles and debris in the roadway. Traffic was reduced to single lane until the roadway was cleared. The School bus was able to be driven from the scene, but tow services were required for the damaged vehicle.



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