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Traffic Collision on McHenry Avenue at Meyers Avenue

December 01, 2016

Escalon, California – The Escalon Police, Fire and Community Ambulance responded to a report of a rear end traffic collision involving two vehicles. Upon arriving on scene, the police department found one of the vehicles still in the northbound lane of McHenry Avenue blocking traffic and with debris all over the roadway. All of the victims involved were outside of their vehicles and seemed to be ok.

The accident occurred November 29, 2016 around 3:43 p.m. on McHenry Avenue at the intersection of Meyers Avenue. The impact had pushed one of the vehicles just north of the intersection and the other vehicle was able to drive off to the side of the road. Escalon Police gathered information from the drivers and occupants, while fire personnel marked the tire positions of the vehicle that was still in the northbound lane with orange paint. Both agencies were gathering information for the California Highway Patrol unit that was on the way to the accident. Escalon Community Ambulance staff were on scene checking for injuries. The California Highway Patrol is the primary investigating agency in this traffic collision.

One of the officers at the crash site stated that both vehicles were traveling northbound on McHenry Avenue when one of the vehicles failed to stop for the other turning west onto Meyers Avenue. There was major damage to the rear end of the vehicle that was struck from behind, but the airbags did not deploy. The other vehicle involved had major damage to the front end. One of the occupants in the vehicle that had been struck from behind suffered a bloody nose, but refused to be transported by ambulance to the hospital. It appeared that there were only minor injuries to the involved and no one was transported by ambulance.

There were some traffic delays on northbound and southbound McHenry Avenue because of the vehicle and debris in the roadway. Traffic was reduced to a single lane until the roadway was cleared. Tow services were required for at least one of the damaged vehicles.

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