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Police Report Increase In Local Burglaries and Thefts


Source: Ripon Police Department.

December 13, 2016.

The Ripon Police Department has seen an increase in both residential and vehicle burglaries this holiday season. Thefts from private property and from retail locations have increased also.

Officers are asking everyone who lives or works in Ripon to assist them by doing the following: If you have a home alarm use it. Lock all doors and windows. Make your home looks occupied while you are away by utilizing lights, radios, TV’s etc.

If you have a car alarm use it. Close and lock your car. Do not leave any valuables in your car. Clear out any visible loose change in your car. Do not leave electronics or firearms in your vehicle. Secure all firearms in a strong, large home gun safe.

If you see anything suspicious, or if you are the victim of a crime please report the incident to the police immediately.

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