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December 18, 2016.

Escalon, California.

Around 6:15 p.m. on December 10, 2016, the suspect came into the Escalon Mini-Mart on Yosemite Avenue and selected a couple frozen burritos and a drink. He then popped one of the burritos into the microwave to warm it up. While the customer was warming his food, the clerk went to the back of the store for a moment. When the clerk returned to the front of the store she noticed the drink and one of the burritos was on the food counter. The other burrito was still in the microwave and the customer was gone. She assumed that the customer was using the restroom or maybe he forgot his wallet to pay for the food. She had waited some time when she noticed that a whole box of lottery tickets was missing and it was about 6:51p.m. when she reported the theft to the police.

The clerk also said the the suspect wasn’t alone. There was a second person sitting in a dark colored, possibly a dark blue, smaller, older pickup truck (make and model unknown) with some type of work rack attached to the truck in the parking lot. She noticed the rack in the bed of the truck because the truck had backed into the parking space. The driver may have also parked this way for a quick get-away.

Escalon police responded to the call, reviewed the video, and took a report. They are still investigating the theft and are actively seeking the suspect to arrest him for several crimes involving this theft.

The suspect was described as a white male, maybe in his late 30’s, and had black facial hair. He was wearing a black beanie cap, a jacket with a hoodie and some type of yellow safety vest. The suspect was familiar to the clerk, however she was unsure of his name.

The description of the box was a clear medium-size case with slots that held multiple lottery tickets. 

Anyone with information regarding this theft is encouraged to report it to the Escalon Police Department at (209)838-7093, or if you have a visual on the person, do not attempt to make contact and call 9-1-1 to report his location.

NOTICE: The names, photos and incidents printed in WeEscalon posts/articles are obtained from the daily logs of the Escalon Police Services, San Joaquin County jail booking information and other Police agencies. THIS INFORMATION IS PUBLIC RECORD. The listing of a name, photo, incident in the WeEscalon Crime log, FaceBook page, Twitter account or on the WeEscalon Website does not imply of that person’s guilt or innocence. THIS CAN ONLY BE DETERMINED BY A COURT OF LAW.

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