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Motorcyclist Arrested After Evading Police

Alexandro Xavier, 24 years of age from Farmington, California.


JANUARY 10, 2017.

News Release – Escalon Police Department.

On January 2, at 2:37 PM Sergeant Flores attempted to make contact with a subject on a motorcycle in the Plaza Shopping Center, near Burger King. He was in the process of checking the license plate of the motorcycle the subject was getting onto, when the subject saw what he was doing. The subject dropped some of the items he had in his hands, and as he tried to put on his backpack immediately drove off at a high rate of speed northbound on Escalon Ave. He was traveling at speeds in excess of 90 MPH, failing to stop at stop signs, and driving in a reckless manner so Sergeant Flores terminated his pursuit in the area of Escalon Ave and Buerer. Upon returning to the area, he first saw the subject he was able to view video of the subject and identify him as Alexandro Xavier, 24 years of age from Farmington. 

Sergeant Flores learned that Xavier is on PRCS, (post-release community supervision) and had several outstanding warrants for his arrest, via our agency and Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Office for traffic violations. 

On January 9, at 3:37 PM Sergeant Flores and Detective Hardgraves attempted to make contact at the last known address for Xavier in Farmington. They were able to locate him at the location, and when they attempted to take him into custody, he tried to run out the back door of the house. Detective Hardgraves immediately took him into custody. 

While checking the motorcycle Xavier was riding on the day he fled Sergeant Flores, they found the backpack he was wearing on the 2nd as well as a second backpack. Inside the backpacks were parts for shotguns and rifles. A search revealed two lower receivers for FN FAL assault type weapons. The possession of just the receivers constitute possession of a firearm/assault weapon.

Xavier was ultimately arrested and booked into county jail for these charges; Evading a police officer, resisting arrest, felon in possession of firearm, possession of an illegal assault weapon, and two warrants for traffic violations.

NOTICE: The names, photos and incidents printed in WeEscalon posts/articles are obtained from the daily logs of the Escalon Police Services, San Joaquin County jail booking information and other Police agencies. THIS INFORMATION IS PUBLIC RECORD. The listing of a name, photo, incident in the WeEscalon Crime log, FaceBook page, Twitter account or on the WeEscalon Website does not imply of that person’s guilt or innocence. THIS CAN ONLY BE DETERMINED BY A COURT OF LAW.

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