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Heavy Winds and More Rain



A series of storms will be moving through Escalon the next several days, bringing heavy winds and more rain to an already saturated region according to the National Weather Service.

The wet weather started Wednesday and with periods of respite, will run through Monday. Three weather systems will dump between 1 inch and 3 inches of rain throughout the area. Winds from 40 mph to 50 mph also arrived Wednesday, prompting a high wind advisory and raising the specter of more toppled trees and downed power lines.

Wednesday’s wet weather and high winds made it difficult for city public crews to clean up downed trees blocking sidewalks and streets. Heavy rains also flooded several streets and intersections. The storm is causing new erosion in streets and roadways in the area. There are streets in town that have been inundated by debris falling from trees.

Escalon Fire Department responded to a call about a fallen tree on Jackson Avenue near Campbell Avenue. The tree fell, striking the power lines from the pole to the house knocking out power. Pacific Gas and Electric was called out to make repairs.

Escalon Police Department was also on the go chasing reports of downed trees and debris in the roadways around town.

On Sunday, another round of wet weather is expected to arrive and will taper off Monday afternoon, leading to mostly clear weather into the rest of next week. Anyone planning outdoor excursions over the next few days should check in with the park district’s website or give them a call to make sure the areas they want to visit are still open.

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