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12″ Water Main Ruptures



ESCALON, CALIFORNIA – January 26, 2017

Escalon residents experienced a major water pipe rupture last night about 7:30p.m. The water break occurred on Highway 120 near Elizabeth Avenue and had a major impact on water service last night. Most of Escalon’s residents experienced loss of water to their homes due to the breakage of the 12″ water main. There were so many emergency calls to 911, the operators were overwhelmed.

Due to the fast response by off-duty public works crew members the water leak was isolated by 8:00p.m. Soon after that reports from residents started coming in that water pressure had returned. Total repairs of the leak would have to wait until this morning for parts.

Crews having been working all night to repair the break that took place around 7:30p.m. on the 25th. They located the problem, and have water services restored to all but approximately six locations near the actual break. They are having to replace approximately 17 feet of pipe. It was unclear what had caused the pipe to rupture. They are estimating that the entire repair will be done by 5:00p.m. today.


Until the repairs are completed, Cal Trans is providing traffic control on Highway 120 from Elizabeth to Mitchell for the westbound lane of Highway 120. Ivy Lane will remains closed until repairs are complete. Please slow for the “Cone Zone” and drive carefully if you cannot avoid this area.




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