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Vehicle versus House



January 31, 2017.

Escalon, California – January 30, 2017: Escalon Police Department, Escalon Fire, and Escalon Community Ambulance Services responded to a solo vehicle versus residence/vehicle.

The accident was reported yesterday about 4:38 p.m. Escalon Police, Escalon Fire, and Escalon Community Ambulance responded to what was first reported as a solo vehicle leaving the roadway. The accident occurred on Main Street near 5th Street. Escalon Police Department is the primary investigating agency in this accident.

Upon arriving on the scene, emergency personnel found the accident involved a solo dark green GMC Envoy that had left the roadway and collided with the front of a residence and struck a truck parked in the driveway. The driver of the GMC Envoy was checked by emergency medical technicians on scene and appeared to be uninjuried. Fortunately the residents were not outside the house at the time of the accident. No one was transported by ambulance from the crash site and it appeared no other vehicles had been involved in the accident. Police performed a sobriety test on the driver of the GMC. Drugs and/or alcohol may have been a factor in the accident.

Witnesses reported the dark green GMC Envoy was traveling southeast on Main Street and for some unknown reason the driver failed to follow the curve of the road. After leaving the roadway the GMC just missed a large tree, smashed through a rod iron fence, clipped the front porch of the house taken out one of the porch support railings, breaking a house window, and then clipping the front end of a new silver Toyota Tacoma parked in the driveway. The GMC basically had squeezed between the structure and the vehicle before coming to rest. The GMC had major damage to the front of the vehicle, the residence had moderate damage to the structure and the Toyota had moderate damaged to the front end.

One of the residents stated he had finished washing his new truck that was parked in the driveway and just went inside to call his wife on the phone. After the call he was planning on loading up his dog, and taking a little spin around town to help air dry his new truck. That is when he heard and felt the impact of the vehicle hitting the house. He also could hear the sounds of breaking glass and the vehicle crashing into his new truck.

There were only minor traffic delays due to the emergency vehicles in the roadway and tow services were called to remove at least the GMC from the accident scene.


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