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Low Flying Aircraft Complains Over Escalon




Source: City of Escalon

March o7, 2017 – The City of Escalon encourages citizens to complain about low flying aircraft and jets.


The City of Escalon has been experiencing many low flying aircraft/jets over the City for the last year.


City Staff and Council Members have reaching out to the Stockton Airport, FAA, Congressman Denham, and Senator Galgiani to try and mitigate the planes outside of the City.


Currently there is a Noise Abatement Procedure (NAP) in place that directs the planes around the City during the hours of 9pm to 8am. FAA is currently working on plan to have planes directed around the City 24 hours/7 days, but it is expected to take 12 – 18 months to implement.


Until they have successfully directed air traffic around the City we encourage you to notify Stockton Airport when you see low flying planes over the City.


FAA also considers 1800 ft in the air safe for the aircraft to travel the City Council and Staff feel different and intend to continue the submittal of complaints.


To report aircraft please use the following link:


When reporting you will need to submit your name, address(or vicinity) of where the aircraft was seen, email, date and time of event and then any additional comments you would like the airport to receive.


Submit a complaint via phone at 209-468-4700


By mail to: 5000 S. Airport Way, Suite 202 Stockton, CA 95206, ATTN: Noise Management



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