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Morning Collision on Walnut Avenue


April 18, 2017.

Escalon, California – Minor-Injury Collision on California Street at Walnut Avenue.

The accident was reported about 9:18 a.m. this morning and occurred at the intersection of California Street and Walnut Avenue. Escalon Police Department responded to the accident. Upon arriving on scene the officer called a Public Works crew to assist with cleanup of debris in the roadway. The collision involved a white Honda CR-V and a grey Mazda 3. Escalon Police Department is the primary investigating agency in this accident.

After speaking to both drivers, it appeared that the driver of the Mazda 3 was traveling westbound on California Street and the driver of the Honda was traveling northbound on Walnut Avenue. The collision occurred when the Mazda entered the intersection from the stop sign and collided with the northbound Honda. The driver of the Mazda stated that he did stop at the stop sign, and just started moving forward when his vehicle was hit by the other vehicle. He also complained about the limit line for the stop sign being set back to far and he was unable to see the oncoming vehicle because of the home on the corner. The driver and occupants of the Honda stated that the driver of the Mazda just “blew right though the stop sign” and caused the accident. The intersection of California Street and Walnut Avenue does not have a four-way stop sign system in place.

The impact crushed the front end of both vehicles, causing major damage to the front end of the Mazda 3 and moderate damage to the front of the Honda CR-V. Both vehicles were able to pull to the side of the street. The Honda was able to be driven back to the owner’s residence, while the Mazda needed to be towed. One of the passengers in the Honda complained about minor hip pain, but emergency medical technicians were not dispatched to the scene. It appeared there were no other reported injuries and no other vehicles involved in the accident.

The debris in the roadway caused minor delays to traffic until it was cleaned up by a Public Works crew. McDowell tow services was called out to tow the Mazda from the crash site.

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