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McHenry Avenue Corridor Improvements Project


ESCALON, CALIFORNIA – April 25, 2017.  Construction on the McHenry Avenue Corridor Improvements Project and upcoming construction begins late April 2017.  If you missed the Open-House on April 24, 2017 in Escalon, See flyer or click on the link provided below for more information on the Improvement Project.


The McHenry Avenue Corridor Improvements project will enhance safety, inter-regional traffic circulation, and air quality. The improvements will include:
• 1.1 miles of widening along McHenry Avenue from 1,487 feet south of River Road to 190 feet south of Jones Road.
• Stanislaus River and SSJID Canal Bridges will be replaced with wider and safer bridges, satisfying current seismic design standards.
• Installation of a two-way left turn center lane to facilitate turns into and out of driveways on McHenry Avenue.
• Increased width of roadway shoulders to accommodate alternative travel modes, including bicyclists.
• Installation of a traffic signal on McHenry Avenue and River Road that will accommodate existing and future traffic demands.


San Joaquin County Department of Public Works’ website at


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  1. Why did they spend so much money on that stupid roundabout, when this project was planned. Just a waste of tax payer money.


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