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Two-Vehicle Collision on Santa Fe Road and Henry Road.


May 26, 2017.


Escalon, California – Two-Vehicle Collision on Santa Fe Road and Henry Road.

A non-injury accident was reported about 5:57 p.m. Thursday evening (05/25/17) and occurred on Santa Fe Road at the intersection of Henry Road. California Highway Patrol, Escalon Fire Department, and Escalon Community Ambulance Services responded to the accident. The accident involved a teal Nissan Quest mini-van and a red Ford Mustang. California Highway Patrol is the primary investigating agency in this accident.

It was reported by a family member of one of the drivers, that the driver of the Nissan Quest was traveling southbound on Henry Road and the Ford Mustang was traveling northwest on Santa Fe Road when the accident occurred. At some point the driver of the Nissan Quest was stopped at the stop sign on Henry Road and wanted to make a left hand turn onto Santa Fe Road leading into Riverbank. The traffic on Santa Fe Road heading into Riverbank was backed up past the intersection of Henry Road at that time. Another motorist traveling southeast on Santa Fe Road made a space to allow the driver of the Quest into her lane of travel. The driver of the Quest started to move into the lane and it is at this time the driver of the Ford Mustang was approaching the intersection from Riverbank. Neither the driver of the Quest or the driver of the Mustang were able to see each other until just before the collision, due to the backed up automobiles in the southbound lane and the curve of the roadway. This is when a head on collision occurred between the two vehicles. The impact spun the Quest all the way around and both vehicles came to rest on Santa Fe Road in the northwest lane of travel.

California Highway Patrol reported no injuries and no one was transported by Escalon Community Ambulance. It was unclear if anyone was actually treated by medical emergency technicians. It appeared no other vehicles had been involved in the accident. Both vehicles sustained major damage to the front end of the cars. The airbags in the Nissan Quest did deploy. Visibility and speed may have been a factor in this accident.

The accident caused moderate delays for traffic near the intersection of Santa Fe Road and Henry Road. Both cars, along with emergency vehicles, were blocking the northbound lane of Santa Fe Road. The roadway was reduced to a controlled one lane of traffic. There was also some debris in the roadway causing issues. Tow services were called out to remove both vehicles from the crash site.


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