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Escalon Grass Fire on Irwin Avenue


Grass Fire on Irwin Avenue


WeEscalon – June 24, 2017.


ESCALON, CALIFORNIA – At approximately 2:26pm this afternoon, Escalon Police, Escalon Fire and a water tanker from Farmington Fire Department responded to a report of a grass fire on Irwin Avenue near California Street.

The fire was actually burning in an empty lot located on the east side of Irwin Avenue between Highway 120 and California Street. The fire burned a mix of dry and green grasses which caused a lot of smoke. The fire consumed around an acre of dry grass before fire personnel were able to gain control and extinguish the fire. Before fire crews arrived on scene, community members attempted to put out the fire using water buckets and garden hoses from homes across the street from the fire.

The cause of the fire was uncertain, but may have been started by sparks from a passing automobile or possibly a disguarded cigarette. There was a little damage to a wooden fence that ran along the back side of the field, but no structures were involved.

Fire season is under way and property owners should prepare a defensive space around outbuildings and homes. Remember to use caution when using any type of open flame around dry brush or grasses.






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