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Wrong Turn Leaves Vehicle Stuck on the Railroad Tracks near Valero


Wrong Turn Leaves Vehicle Stuck on the Railroad Tracks near Valero.

July 12, 2017.

At approximately 5:12am this morning the Escalon Police Department responded to a report of a vehicle on the railroad tracks. The vehicle was heading east on Highway 120 approaching the railroad tracks near the Valero gas station when the accident occurred.

The driver mistook the train tracks for the roadway and turned right onto the railroad tracks where the vehicle came to rest on the tracks. There were no injuries to the occupants and not much, if any damage to the vehicle or tracks.

Emergency Dispatch notified BNSF to stop both eastbound and westbound trains entering Escalon City limits. The trains on the tracks were able to stop before reaching Escalon. The trains were allowed to continue after the tracks had been cleared.


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