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Escalon Auto Theft Arrest


News Release Auto Theft Arrest – Source: Escalon Police Department.

On August 20, at 12:06 PM, Officer Quilici was on patrol westbound in the area of Hwy. 120 and Irwin. He saw a white 1991 Ford pickup in front of him and completed a check on the license number. The check revealed that the vehicle was reported stolen two days prior, via the CHP out of San Andreas. Sergeant Flores assisted him and they complete a high-risk enforcement stop on the vehicle.

There was two subjects in the vehicle the driver was Brian Rice, 55 years of age from Lodi, and the passenger Pamela Cipolloni, 53 years of age from Lockford. Cipolloni was listed as the suspect in the theft of the vehicle. After securing both subjects a search of the vehicle located the following items, a glass pipe used to smoke methamphetamine containing residue, numerous zip lock bags filled with marijuana, weighing over four ounces, and numerous prescription pills that appeared to be Oxycodone and Prednisone none which were in marked prescription bottles.

Also between the driver and passenger seat on the floorboard near the stick shift of the vehicle was located a chainsaw blade with a rope tide around it, that was partially concealed inside a black hand glove. The chainsaw blade appeared to be a makeshift weapon.

Rice stated he was unaware the vehicle was stolen, and was driving it back to Lockford for Cipolloni. He was unaware of the other items in the vehicle. Rice claims the victim loaned the vehicle to her to use to run some errands. She said a third party left some of the items found in the vehicle.

Rice was arrested for possession of stolen property and auto theft. Cipolloni was arrested for possession of stolen property, auto theft, and possession of control substances, drug paraphernalia, and medications without a prescription.





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