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Burn Cleaner Grant Program

Burn Cleaner Grant Program

San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District


District offers $3,000 to replace wood stoves, inserts or fireplaces


Valley air officials remind residents to take advantage of the Burn Cleaner grant program. Replace your old wood or pellet burning device with a new cleaner option! The Burn Cleaner program helps reduce particulate matter that comes from older devices in the Valley which contribute significantly to air pollution during the Fall and Winter months.

Last winter was accompanied by frigid temperatures, leaving Valley residents wanting to use their wood-burning devices.  For those households that have not yet registered their devices, there still is time.  For the homes that have an older wood-burning device, there is still funding available to convert your device to a more efficient and less polluting unit.  By converting your open hearth fireplace, older wood stove or older wood insert to an EPA certified wood-burning device, you will be able to light a fire on cold winter nights more often while reducing the Valley’s air pollution.

Valley residents wanting to switch out older wood-burning devices for a cleaner model can take advantage of the District’s Burn Cleaner grants which provide $1,000 for certified wood or pellet inserts/freestanding stoves or natural gas inserts or $2,500 for eligible low-income applicants for all devices.  An additional $500 is available to all applicants for the installation costs on a natural gas device.  Visit for program guidelines. A total of up to $3,000 may be available in some instances to change out your older, dirty-burning device for something cleaner.

Smoke from residential wood burning constitutes the largest source of dangerous particulate emissions during winter months. “The Check Before You Burn program provides an opportunity for Valley residents to do their part to help reduce air pollution and improve public health throughout the San Joaquin Valley,” said Sadredin.

Don’t miss this opportunity to receive funding from the Burn Cleaner Program, and it’s still not too late to register your device.

Make one change for clean air!  Visit and become a part of the solution!




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