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Morning Semi-Truck Accident on Highway 120

September 04, 2017.


Escalon, California – California Highway Patrol, Escalon Fire Department, and Escalon Community Ambulance Services responded to an early morning vehicle accident involving a yellow utility truck with a trailer and a white semi-truck pulling doubles. The accident was reported about 7:41 a.m. this morning and occurred in the eastbound lane of Highway 120 near Steinegul Road. Injuries were unknown at the time of the dispatch. California Highway Patrol is the primary investigating agency in this accident case.

Upon arriving on the scene, emergency personnel quickly determined that there were no injuries. No one was transported by ambulance from the crash site.

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It appeared that the yellow utility truck was traveling eastbound on Highway 120 and was slowing to make a left-hand turn onto northbound Steinegul Road when his trailer was clipped by the semi-truck. The driver of the white semi-truck with two trailers was also traveling eastbound on Highway 120, when the driver failed to slow or stop for the turning utility truck. The driver of the white semi-truck was attempting to avoid the turning truck by pulling to the right, but lost control of the semi and jackknifed across the westbound lane of Highway 120. Luckily there was no oncoming traffic in that lane. After jackknifing across the road, the semi-truck may have struck a power pole and came to rest against a large tree in the front yard of a home. There were no reported fuel spills due to the collision or any other reported vehicles involved in the accident.

There were no traffic delays to either lane of travel on Highway 120. The yellow utility truck only received minor damage to the rear right tire and rim of the trailer. While the semi-truck had moderate to major damage to the cab. PG&E crews were called to inspect any damage to the pole or wires. All Star Tow Services was called to help remove the semi-truck.


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