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Rollover Vehicle Accident on Lone Tree Road.


December 21, 2017.


Escalon, California – California Highway Patrol was dispatched to a report of a rollover traffic collision on December 20, 2017 at approximately 5:24 p.m. The accident occurred on Lone Tree Road at the intersection of Carrolton Road. The crash involved a red colored sedan and a black Ford pick up truck. Ripon Consolidated Fire District, Escalon Fire Department and Escalon Community Ambulance were also dispatched to the collision. On arrival Ripon Fire personnel determined that Escalon Fire Department was not needed on scene and their response was cancelled. California Highway Patrol is the primary investigating agency in this accident.


The California Highway Patrol officers on scene were still investigating how the accident happened and determining who was at fault. The impact caused major damage to the front end and some side body damage to the sedan. The Ford pick up had major damage to the vehicle due to the rollover.



The driver of the pick up truck received minor to moderate injuries from the rollover and was treated by Escalon emergency medical technicians on scene, then transported by ambulance. The driver and passengers of the sedan appeared to be uninjured. No other vehicles were involved in the accident.


The involved vehicles and emergency vehicles were off to the side of the roadway causing minor delays to traffic in the intersection; while California Highway Patrol officers investigated the accident. McDowell tow services was called out to remove the vehicle from the crash site.



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  1. We need a lot more presents of Highway patrol. There are so many accidents on Lone Tree. 7 Deaths in as many years. Cars and Trucks fly down this road. I live on Lone Tree and have come close to being rear-ended so many times, just trying to get in my driveway, with a blinker on. There has to be an answer this stop this, even the 18 wheelers are speeding.


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