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Fatal Vehicle Accident at Intersection of Lone Tree Road and Carrollton Road


March 24, 2018

Help spread the word of a gofundme account to help a family in grief after suffering through a horrible traffic accident that took the life of a 3-year old child, injured a 7-year old and their father who is still in the hospital in critical condition. The accident occurred on March 20, 2018 at the intersection of Lone Tree Road and Carrolton Road. The below information was taken from a visitor’s post to WeEscalon’s Facebook page by Brithani Diaz. The gofundme account was created by Vanessa Flores.

Link to gofundme account:

Jose Luis Gonzalez was injured in an auto accident on 03/20/18 in Escalon, California.  His daughter Gardenia age 3 passed away due to the car accident and his son Rey David – Age 7 was injured, but is expected to be ok.  Jose Luis Gonzalez is still in the hospital in critical condition as he is in a coma.  They were just innocent people at the wrong place and the wrong time.  I am hoping to raise money for the family’s funeral expenses and support for his wife and other two children.  We are hoping and praying for a full recovery for Jose Luis Gonzalez as the family does not know if he will overcome the surgery. I’ll be personally withdrawing the funds raised and then delivering them to the beneficiary (the family.)


José Luis González resultó herido en un accidente de auto el 20 de Marzo del 2018 en Escalon, California. Su hija Gardenia, de 3 años, falleció a causa del accidente automovilístico y su hijo Rey David, de 7 años, resultó herido, pero se espera que esté bien. José Luis González todavía está en el hospital en estado crítico ya que está en coma. Eran simplemente personas inocentes en el lugar equivocado y el momento equivocado. Espero recaudar dinero para los gastos funerarios de las familias y el apoyo para su esposa y otros dos hijos. Estamos esperando y rezando por una recuperación completa para José Luis González, ya que la familia no sabe si superará la cirugía. Personalmente retiraré los fondos recaudados y luego los entregaré al beneficiario (a la familia).

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