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WeEscalon – March 26, 2018

Escalon Police Department – News Release:

On March 23, at 1:44 PM, we received information a subject, who had numerous warrants for his arrest, was in the 2500 block of Jackson Ave. The subject was Alexandro Xavier, 25 years of age from Farmington. He had six warrants for his arrest via four different agencies; Escalon Police, Oakdale Police, San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office, and Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Office. The warrants ranged from a felon in possession of a firearm, manufacturing control substances, failing to appear on a felony, resisting arrest, possession of more than an ounce of marijuana, and various traffic violations. The bail total for five of the warrants was $77,000. The felon in possession of a firearm, which was via our agency, was a no bail warrant.

Alexandro Xavier, 26 years of age from Farmington, California.

As Officer Poortinga was checking the area, at approx. 1:48 PM, he located the subject driving a car in the area of Edmart and Fourth St. The subject than fled the area at a high rate of speed, traveling north on Brayton, and then west on Yosemite. It was in this area the subject stuck another vehicle, causing minor damage, and continued to attempt to evade Officer Poortinga. As the subject sped by the high school, Officer Poortinga reduced his speed. By the time he reached the intersection of Escalon Avenue and Yosemite the subject was traveling north on Escalon Avenue and almost out of sight.

As Officer Poortinga and Sgt. Lackey attempted to catch up to the vehicle, the subject attempted to turn into a driveway in 16000 block of Escalon Avenue. In doing so, he lost control of his car and hit a dirt berm. The driver, Xavier fled on foot towards the golf course leaving his female passenger and dog in the car. She was detained and later released once it was determined she was not involved with any criminal activity.

Ripon Police and San Joaquin County Sheriffs units responded to assist in the search for Xavier. In the area of Arthur and Brennan Roads, Officer Poortinga, Sgt. Lackey and the other units located the subject who was trying to hide in a barn. He attempted to run from the officers and jump through a window, but the Sheriff Office K9 was able to slow him down. He continued to try to run and a tazer was deployed which help end the pursuit.

He was arrested on the six warrants along with the charges evading the police which is a felony; hit and run with property damage and resisting arrest, both misdemeanors. He was booked into the county jail after being medically cleared via the hospital.


NOTICE: The names, photos and incidents printed in WeEscalon posts/articles are obtained from the daily logs of the Escalon Police Services, San Joaquin County jail booking information and other Police agencies. THIS INFORMATION IS PUBLIC RECORD. The listing of a name, photo, incident in the WeEscalon Crime log, FaceBook page, Twitter account or on the WeEscalon Website does not imply of that person’s guilt or innocence. THIS CAN ONLY BE DETERMINED BY A COURT OF LAW.




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