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WeEscalon – March 26, 2018.

ESCALON, CALIFORNIA – The Escalon Consolidated Fire Protection District was dispatched to a working structure fire at Rossetti’s Corner at the intersection of Escalon Bellota Road and Lone Tree Road. The fire was reported at approximately 12:23 p.m. this afternoon. When Escalon fire engines arrived on scene, the structure had smoke coming from the windows, front door, vents, and rooftop. Escalon police units arrived on scene to help direct traffic at the intersection of Escalon Bellota Road and Lone Tree Road. Fortunately, everyone inside the burning structure was able to exit before emergency vehicles arrived.

Right away, Escalon Consolidated Fire called for mutual aid and multiple agencies responded. Fire trucks and water tenders with personnel responded from Farmington Fire Department, Collegeville Fire Department, Ripon Fire Department, and Stanislaus Consolidated Fire Protection District to assist with the fire. The water tenders were used to assist with supplying water to the engines pumping the water to the hoses.

On arrival, firefighters immediately started unloading ladders, hoses and other equipment. At first, firefighters had a hard time locating the source of the smoke. Eventually firefighters on scene located the source of the smoke and started attacking the fire with water. Firefighters had to cut vent holes on the roof and tore some sheet rock down from the inside ceiling to get to the source. It took some time to extinguish the fire. There was fire damage to the attic with major smoke and water damage to the inside of the structure. The Escalon fire personnel were still investigating the cause of the fire when I left.





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