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Nathan Hussey, 30 years of age from Modesto.




Source: Escalon Police Department.

On January 25, at 11:30 PM, Officer Smith made a traffic stop on vehicle at McHenry Avenue south of Jones Road. The driver Nathan Hussey 30 years of age from Modesto was driving on a suspended driver’s license. He also had a warrant for his arrest via the Siskiyou County Sheriff for traffic violations.


After his arrest and during a search of the vehicle, 77 keys for other vehicles were found throughout the center console and passenger compartment of the vehicle. Several of the keys had file marks on them; also located was a credit card machine, along with thirteen credit or identification cards belonging to different people, a set of bolt cutters, pry bar, a homemade spear under a back seat, multiple methamphetamine pipes and small baggie of methamphetamine.

Hussey was arrested on the warrant, along with charges of possession of burglary tools, drug paraphernalia, possession of controls substance, and identity theft.


NOTICE: The names, photos and incidents printed in WeEscalon posts/articles are obtained from the daily logs of the Escalon Police Services, San Joaquin County jail booking information and other Police agencies. THIS INFORMATION IS PUBLIC RECORD.The listing of a name, photo, incident in the WeEscalon Crime log, FaceBook page, Twitter account or on the WeEscalon Website does not imply of that person’s guilt or innocence. THIS CAN ONLY BE DETERMINED BY A COURT OF LAW.






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