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Escalon 2019 Autumn Car Cruise.


#ESCALON EVENT • 2019 Autumn 🚘 Cruise Show • Show Canceled.


Unfortunately, the Escalon Lions Club will not be presenting an Autumn Cruise show this year.

It’s a big job that needs a lot of people with a lot of time available, and that’s one thing we didn’t have anymore.

After many years, the men and women that organize it (this event is a yearlong effort) all needed a break and unfortunately we didn’t have the personnel to replace them with.

There were some interested car clubs and groups willing to partner with the Escalon Lions, but once they saw what they would have to commit to timewise behind the scenes for several months, they backed out.

The Escalon Lions Club truly appreciates the continual support of the community, sponsors and donors to this event and understands its importance to our town.

We can’t close the door on the Autumn Cruise permanently, we just know we won’t be presenting a 2019 show.

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