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Five Vehicles Involved in Traffic Collision on Highway 120 


November 10, 2016 

Escalon, California – The California Highway Patrol, Escalon Police, Escalon Fire, Ripon Fire and Escalon Community Ambulance Services responded to what started out as a two-vehicle non-injury accident. The accident scene quickly turned into a five-vehicle collision with unknown injuries.

The accident was reported about 11:47 a.m. this morning and involved five vehicles on Highway 120 just east of South Van Allen Road. California Highway Patrol is the primary investigating agency in this traffic collision.

Upon arriving on the scene, emergency personnel found debris in the roadway and a total of five damaged vehicles on both sides of Highway 120. Plenty of absorbants were needed due to a ruptured gas tank on the Chevy pickup. The driver of the grey Chevy pickup truck was treated by emergency technicians and transported by ambulance to a nearby hospital. It appeared that the other drivers involved in the collision may have suffered minor injuries and received medical attention on scene. With the exception of the driver of the Chevy pickup, the other victims of the accident were out of their cars and moving about. 

After speaking to one of the drivers involved and an update from Escalon Fire Personnel, this is a corrected version of how this collision occurred. It appears that the black Honda Civic and the black BMW were involved in a minor collision. Both vehicles had stopped on the southside of the roadway to exchange driver and insurance information. This is when the driver of grey Chevy pickup that was traveling eastbound on Highway 120 pulled up and was waiting to turn left into the business entrance. While he was waiting to make his turn the eastbound white Ford pickup truck pulling a trailer with the tractor on it failed to stop and rear-ended the Chevy truck. The impact of the Ford hitting the back of the Chevy Pickup sent it spinning into the path of the westbound dark colored Volvo, who couldn’t avoid colliding with the rear-end of the Chevy. The Ford truck also crashed into the parked Honda Civic causing the secondary major damage to the Honda. One of the witnesses also said his friend was driving the grey Chevy pickup truck and was returning to work when his truck was rear-ended. There was moderate to major damages to the vehicles involved.

Highway 120 was closed to through traffic due to the debris and vehicle parts in the roadway. Eventually emergency personnel was able to clear and open one lane of traffic to allow the backed up vehicles to pass. The tow truck drivers worked quickly to remove the vehicles from the crash site and both lanes of Highway 120 were reopened.

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      • The white truck hitting the back of the silver truck was the first one I saw. I was going the opposite direction when I got hit, and was spun around. I didn’t see when the black car was hit, but it was either just before the initial hit or after my hit.


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