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City of Escalon Hires New Public Works Employee.

Dennis Turner and Juston Collins at Tueday night’s City Council Meeting.

ESCALON – City Council members have unanimously voted to allow City Manager Tammy Alcantor to enter into an agreement for Temporary Limited-Term Employment with Dennis Turner for the Public Works Department.

Staff is in agreeance that Dennis Turner is the best fit for the job. After staff had a conversation with Dennis and discussed what they would like to achieve with his short-term employment which included addressing the public works organizational development and review, operational review and mentoring in the area of leadership.

Dennis Turner is retired from the City of Modesto where he served as Deputy Director of Public Works, Waste and Wastewater. He was promoted to Director of Public Works, Operations during the last 2-3 years of his service at Modesto. He started in fleet services and was manager of fleet services in Modesto prior to being promoted to Deputy Director.

Education: Bachelor of Science, Business Administrations – California State University, Stanislaus and a Master in Business Administration – William Howard Taft University.

Scope of Services: Dennis will be temporarily performing needed specialized skills related to necessary public services in the area of evaluation of the public works organization development and review and operational review. He will work under the direct supervision of City Manager Tammy Alcantor. Dennis will be required to maintain all required licenses and certificates as a condition of his part-time employment.

Compensation: Dennis Turner will be paid on a hourly rate of $75.00 per hour with no City provided benefits

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