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 NOTICE:  The names and incidents printed in the Police logs are obtained from the daily log of the Escalon Police Services, which are Public Record.  The listing of a name, photo or incident in the log or on this Website does not imply of that person’s guilt or innocence.  This can only be determined by a court of law.


Four arrested for burglary due to an alert citizen
On February 29th at approx. 9:22 AM we received a report of a suspicious vehicle occupied by four subjects in the 2300 block of Jessica. The reporting party was an off duty officer from a neighboring agency. He described the vehicle as a lowered green Dodge Durango. Officer Vandagriff responded to the call and while checking the area was told by another resident that vehicle was last seen on Yosemite Ave. At approx. 9:38 AM as he continued checking the area he located a vehicle matching the description on Nathaniel Dr. south of Yosemite. The vehicle was occupied by only the driver, who was using a cell phone to speak to someone when Officer Vandagriff contacted him.
As Officer Vandagriff spoke with the driver on Nathaniel, in the 2500 block of Yosemite a resident pulled into her driveway and as she did she saw the door leading from her garage into her home standing wide open, and saw the rear sliding door leading to her back yard also open. At this point she saw three male subjects wearing loose fitting clothing, running out of the back of her house. She immediately called 911 to report the burglary in progress at her home. As this was taking place Officer Vandagriff was less than ½ block from her location. Immediately Detective Hardgraves and Officer Cruz responded to assist him and attempted to set up a perimeter north of the location to contain the subjects. The driver was detained as this was taking place. While securing the home we learned that at least two hand guns were stolen from the residence.
Additional assistance was requested and both the Ripon Police Department and San Joaquin County Sheriff’s office responded to assist us in searching for the suspects. The description of the suspects was provided to our Public Works personnel, and Public Works Superintendent Collins responded to assist. He was in the area of Miller and Stanislaus when he saw three subjects matching the description of the suspects walking in this area. As he drove closer to the suspect’s one the suspects pointed a handgun at him, and then the three began to run into the orchard north of this area. 
This information was provided to the Sheriff units in the area and on Mahon east of Escalon Ave. the deputies were able to confront the three subjects and took them into custody. A search of the suspects located stolen property taken from the victims’ residence in their possession, which was later identified by the victims. As the personnel began checking the area the suspects had come from they located one of the stolen handguns in the orchard along with some of the suspects clothing.  
The second handgun stolen was located in a trash can in an adjacent yard next to the victims’ home. Inside the victims’ home additional property taken from the bedrooms, along with another weapon were piled on the couch and in a back pack abandoned by the suspects. It also appeared the suspects were attempting to steal the flat screen TV, which was being disconnected. 

The victims’ handguns and property located with the suspects was recovered and positively identified as their property. There is some jewelry that has yet to be located. Inside the suspect’s vehicle a pry bar and a set of brass knuckles was located. All four subjects were booked into county jail on various charges. 
Enrique Deleon, 18 years of age listed as transient was arrested for residential burglary, conspiracy to commit a crime and theft of a firearm. Sumit Bajwa, 18 years of age from Ceres was arrested for residential burglary, conspiracy to commit a crime, theft of a firearm, and assault with a deadly weapon. Andrew Rodriguez, 19 years of age from Ceres, was arrested for residential burglary, conspiracy to commit a crime and theft of a firearm. Adrianno Gutierrez 18 years of age, from Ceres was arrested for residential burglary, conspiracy to commit a crime, theft of a firearm, possession of illegal weapon and possession of burglary tools.

Narrative by Escalon Police Department.

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