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Rear-End & Rollover Vehicle Collision on Highway 120 at Seidner Road


Rear-End & Rollover Vehicle Collision on Highway 120 at Seidner Road


June 26, 2017.


Escalon, California – The California Highway Patrol was dispatched to a report of a traffic collision around 10:44 a.m. this morning that had occurred on Highway 120 at the intersection of Seidner Road. The Escalon Fire Department and Escalon Community Ambulance Services also responded to the collision. The crash involved a tan colored Lexus and a red colored Chevrolet pick up truck. California Highway Patrol is the primary investigating agency in this accident.

The driver and passengers of the red Chevy truck said they were traveling westbound on Highway 120 and were slowing down to turn left (South) on Seidner Road when the accident occurred. The driver of the Lexus was also traveling westbound on Highway 120 and for some unknown reason failed to slow or avoid the turning vehicle, striking the rear of the truck. The impact caused the red truck to launch forward and spin around. The Lexus, after hitting the truck, rolled over on it’s side and came to rest partially in the eastbound lane of Highway 120. The impact caused major damage to the rear end of the Chevy pick up and major damage to the front end of the Lexus. The Lexus received additional damage when it rolled over on it’s side and appeared to be totaled.

Both drivers and passengers involved in the accident were checked by Escalon emergency medical technicians on scene and the California Highway Patrol reported no injuries. A female adult driver appeared to be the only person in the Lexus. There was a female adult driving the Chevy with possibly 2 other female adults and one small child in a car seat. No one was transported by ambulance from the crash site and it appeared no other vehicles had been involved in the accident. Inattentive driver may have been a factor in this accident.

The accident caused delays to the morning traffic in both eastbound and westbound lanes of Highway 120 and traffic was backed up in both directions. The Lexus and emergency vehicles were blocking the eastbound lane of Highway 120 and the Chevy pick up truck was off the roadway partially in an almond orchard on the southwest corner of the intersection. There was also some debris in the intersection causing issues. McDowell tow services was called out to remove both vehicles from the crash site.



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